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The Story So Far….

Ch 1

Upon entering the mysterious golden light, the chosen three found themselves in a plane of seemingly endless white sand. The sky appeared dark with not a single star in sight yet the land was lit perfectly. The only landmark to be seen was an abnormally tall cylindrical tower looming in the distance. Upon seeing each other there was initial distrust between them due to the fact that they were so very different from one another. There was [John], a tall wolf-like humanoid equipped with a sheathed katana and traditional samurai armor; Wilfred Fizzlebang, a man shrouded in a black torn cloak; and Kylie Bracher, a young woman with a stern look two small handguns and a rifle holstered. After quick introductions, they decided on entering the tower they say in the distance. The Walk, while not too far, was difficult from the high heat of the desert. Upon reaching the tower, they pushed the doors open and decided to enter. [John] entered first, confidently and unafraid, followed by Wilfred, and then cautiously, Kylie. The room they entered was at first too dark for any of them to see anything, but that soon changed when out of nowhere, every candle and chandelier in the room lit up revealing a large circular room similar to a castle’s throne room. Opposite the door, there was a large throne and on top of it sat a young girl around eleven years old with long silver-blonde hair wearing a simple white dress. Beside the throne stood a boy, most likely around fourteen years old with shoulder length blonde hair and simple clothes. The Young girl leaned forward in her chair, smiling, and cheerfully told them,
“Welcome to Elysia!”
The three had many questions for the girl, but the most important were the most obvious, where are we? How did we get here? Why are we here? Who are you? The girl answered there questions in a kind and sympathetic voice.
“You are in Elysia, the Land Between Worlds. I am The Guardian of Order across the many planes of the universe. You three have been chosen to act as my agents as I attempt to right what has been wronged and save this universe from its inevitable destruction.”
With this, the three were only more confused, “Why us?” they wondered “why not choose someone else?” They expressed their concerns to Order hoping for a less cryptic answer.
“Why you indeed… I wonder…. I only sent forth the gates, it was you who stepped through them.
“Not me!” exclaimed Kylie with an angry look on her face. “I’m only here because of God awful luck. I didn’t step into any light. I fell.”
With an every smiling face, Order explained,
“It is not important as to how you got here. What is important is that your worlds are on the brink of total decimation and you would wish to save them.”
All three of the chosen stood there with serious faces wondering how assisting this person could possibly help with the situations in their own worlds. Seeing the worry in their faces, Order explained to them,
“Where there is Order, there is also Chaos. There cannot be one without the other. Many millennia ago, Chaos was sealed in order to maintain the balance between the two. However, it seems the seal has been broken and chaos is loose again. Chaos is like none other being any of you have ever seen, he takes power in the disorder of the universe. Disorder that I work to keep in balance. It seems that Chaos intends to activate the gates connecting every world. The panic and disorder would be catastrophic and would ultimately lead to the end of everything. It is because of this that I ask your help… No… I beg for it. In order to not only save your own worlds, but every world, those gates need to be broken. Everything in existence depends on it.”
A heavy sobering feeling came across the group as they realized what needed to be done when suddenly the young boy beside the throne spoke up.
“Your Grace, are you truly going to place your faith in these people? We have no idea who they are, what they’ve done, or if they’re even going to be of any use! Allow me to at least test them your Grace…”
Order approved of this test. She moved her hands forward and from the ground spawned two wooden manikins armed with swords prepared for battle.
After easily defeating the manikins, the young boy sighed.
“I guess there’s no other choice. However if we are to rely on these people I must accompany them. Someone needs to be with them who knows what they’re looking for.”
Order reluctantly allowed this
“If that is what you feel then so be it. I will open a path to a world with an open gate, you must find it, and close it before Chaos grows more powerful! Good luck…”
Order waved her hands again and behind the three, another large golden light suddenly appeared. Then they, along with the boy, walked in to the gate.

Ch 2: Laria
The light faded to a large restaurant kitchen. There were people all around running and shoving each other. The Four Travelers being confused and in the way were quickly shoved out the back door of the establishment. Walking out the door, the four found themselves standing on a cobblestone road lined with buildings. The most prominent feature however was the presence of thousands of electronic neon lights and Flying vehicles zooming overhead. The tree had suddenly remembered that they knew nothing of the boy now accompanying them. He explained that his name was Lucas and he was from Elysia along with Order. The three came to the conclusion that they needed to find an inn of some sort in order to rest and gather information as to where they might find this gate. As they were walking in the once crowded city, the daylight faded. Once the sun had reached the edge of the horizon, the vast amount of people who were once walking around were now gone. Every light was off and not a soul was in sight. The three began to feel a nauseated and a slight headache came over them. Lucas, who was walking in the front, quickly spun around facing the three and drew his blade. The three, already wary of lucas were prepared for battle when Lucas quickly jumped over them and thrust his sword forward into what appeared to be a large black wolf with glowing red lines all over it. The wolf fell and evaporated into a thick black smoke and the three’s nausea and headaches faded. Lucas explained to them that Chaos and beings in connection with chaos release an energy known as entropy. Those who have been to Elysia have sensitivity to Entropy and are able to feel its presence. After explaining, they heard the scream of what sounded like a young girl in a nearby alley. Instantly [John] took off after the sound believing that it would be someone in need, the other three tagged closely behind. When they got to the alley they saw two tall, large men cornering a young girl who couldn’t be older than six. In their hands they held thick chains and on the other end of those chains were two or the black wolves from earlier
“Entrobeasts… Spawn of Chaos himself” said Lucas quietly
However, as soon as the group was visible to the entrobeasts, the beasts immediately faced them. They broke their chains and devoured their handlers and charged towards the Four
The battle ended and the entrobeasts faded into smoke just as the one before had. The four quickly ran over to the terrified girl. Kylie attempted to comfort the girl in order to figure out where she lived so they could see her home. The girl told them and asked if they could help her get there. After a short walk, the group found the house of the girl and were greeted with showers of thank you’s and compliments from the mother of the girl. She offered the group to stay the night in order to repay them for saving her daughter. The group accepted and stayed. Over dinner, the group shared stories on their worlds. [John] explained that his world was divided into groups that each worshiped one of five all powerful dragons. He told the group of how his brother felt the need for more power and devised a method to take the power of these dragons in order to spread his own rule. He currently controls two of the five. Kylie told the group about how her world was suffering a plague brought on by a highly contagious fungal disease that cause the infected to lose all self-control and revert to an extremely aggressive murderous state. She tells them that most of humanity lives in quarantine zones set up by the government. Wilfred’s world as he explains, is a crumbling world infested with Demons summoned from another plain and in his own over confidence, he accidentally brought forth a demon lord that he couldn’t control. And because of this his world is doomed. Lucas, finally speaking up, says that for as long as he can remember, he has been in Elysia. It has always been just him, and Order. She raised him from a young age and now that he’s older, he vows to protect her no matter what.
After sharing stories, the group ask the lady of the house who those people where. She tells them that they are an organization known as Cerberus. She explains that they came into power using the entrobeasts and now run the entire city. She tells them that anyone out of their houses after sunset are taken away and never seen from again. After much persuasion the group manages to get her to tell them that there is a base of theirs in the form of a large warehouse like building on “4th street”. They thank her and head of to sleep.
When the group wakes in the morning, they leave the house in attempt to find this warehouse believing that it is connected to this world’s gate. After a walk, they find 4th street and notice that not a single person is on it. However they do see the warehouse they’re looking for and head to investigate. They peek into the front windows and see roughly 30-40 people sitting in a bar-like room that look similar to the two thugs from earlier. They decide that going in the front is too risky so they head around back and find a boarded up window with cracks in the board. They break in quietly and find themselves in what appears to be a large storage closet filled with empty crates. They hear someone approaching and all decide to hide in the empty crates until the coast is clear. While they are hiding, a thug walks in and throws another empty crate in and leaves. The group listens until the thug has left earshot and decides to peek out the door. They look and see that they are in a hallway that goes left and right. They go right until they reach a corner and peek around and notice two thugs standing guard at a single door on the hallway. They lure the guards over and attack
After defeating them they cautiously peek into the door that was being guarded. The room they see is very dark and they are hardly able to make out anything. Right across from the door they notice large cages holding scared looking people. Kylie is chosen to quietly run in there and check on the people. Upon opening the door more, the group is hit with a huge wave of entropy. One of the caged people tells kylie that there is something in the room with them and that there used to be more people with them. Kylie tells them that they are there to help and for them to hold on. The group decides that whatever is in that room needs to be taken out, but first, the huge room of people needed to be cleared in order to prevent them from having to fight 30-40 people. They devise a strategy to throw one of Kylie’s smoke bombs into a room with a Molotov explosive along with Wilfred’s Fire magic. The plan goes perfectly and the room is cleared. Now the group enter the door with the cages and prepare for battle.
After the Cerberus is defeated the group questions the people in the cages. They learn that not all of the people are from this city and that Cerberus captures people and ships them around using humans and entrobeast wolves in order to create those monsters. They learn that the organization’s main base is located in a city called Bermuda.
The group heads to Bermuda to find that its completely trashed. Buildings are destroyed and not a soul is in sight. They notice however that one large mansion is still in perfect condition and is the only nice looking thing in the whole town. They approach the mansion and knock on the door to be greeted by a butler. Using an impeccable wit, Kylie manages to convince the butler to allow them to enter the house and tells them where to find the head of the house. The group enters the office of the Cerberus leader to be rudely greeted by a man with a suit sitting behind a desk. He releases an overwhelming blast of entropy and the group passes out.
They awake to find them selves in a large concrete room sitting in a circle drawn in the ground surrounded by three Cerberus Entrobeasts that are chained to the ground. The Leader explains that this power came to him in a large golden light and he felt he must use it and it was his only purpose to use and spread it. The circle begins to glow and the group quickly jumps out of it. The three Cerberus Entrobeasts instantly burst into a red glow and are absorbed in to the Organization Leader. He begins to change in to a large demonic looking presence and demands those of Order to die.
Once the leader evaporated the entropy still did not fade. Lucas explained that this amount of entropy could only mean the gate was near. [John] suggested that the answer could be that circle they were in. Lucas then drew his blade and pierced it into the middle of the circle. An enormous gold light appeared and suddenly vanished. Lucas told them that it was done and the gate was destroyed.
Immediately after, the entropy all faded away and a smaller golden light appeared behind the group.
“Our ride back” said Lucas…….

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